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why Jones & Cowen Physical Therapy?

Jones & Cowen Physical Therapy is the leading outpatient physical therapy clinic in central Texas with expertise in both Manual Therapy and the McKenzie method which are proven to be more effective for many diagnosis.  We are evidence-based health care professionals who offer cost-effective treatment that improves mobility and relieves pain, and reduces the need for surgery and prescription drugs. 

about us

We are an outpatient physical therapy clinic dedicated to bringing quality care to our rural patients.  Our therapists come highly trained and continue grow with continuing education coursework that best suits the needs for our area.  Our patients and their corresponding treatment plans are tailored to fit the needs of the individual patient.  All of our care comes with quality and compassion.

new patient information

Are you new to our practice?  No worries!  Click the link below to find all the information you need prior to your first visit!

  • Postsurgical Orthopedic Rehab

  • ​Repetitive Motion Injuries

  • Sports Injuries

  • ​Vestibular Disorders

  • ​Arthritis

  • ​Lumbar Spine

  • ​Tendon Injuries

  • ​Work Injuries

  • ​Posture Instability

  • ​Disk Injuries

  • and more​

Est. 2004

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